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Circulation heaters are mounted within a thermally insulated vessel through which liquid or gas passes. The contents are heated as they flow past the heating element, making circulation heaters ideal for water heating, freeze protection, heat transfer oil heating, and more.

Circulation heaters are powerful, electric in-line heaters constructed of a screw plug or flange-mounted tubular heater assembly installed into a mating tank or vessel. Non-pressurized or highly pressurized fluids can be heated very effectively using direct circulation heating.

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Clean water, Freeze protection, hot water storage, Boiler and water heaters, cooling towers, Solutions not corrosive to copper
Hot water, steam boilers, mildly corrosive solutions (in rince tanks, spray washers)
Oils, inline gas heating, Mildly corrosive liquids, stagnant or heavy oils, high temperature, low flow gas heating
Process water, soap and detergent solutions, Soluble cutting oils, demineralized or deionized water
Mildly corrosive solutions
Severe corrosive solutions, demineralized water
Light Oil, Medium Oil
Food Equipment


Special sizes, wattage, and materials are available upon request
Units are available with larger vessels and heavier flanges
Can be supplied with stainless steel parts and special design terminal boxes for heat protection and use in high temperature conditions.
Insulated upon request
Easy to install
Highly energy efficient
Provide fast response and even heat distribution
Provide greater wattage in a smaller heater bundle
Provide maximum dielectric strength
Compatible with standard industry piping and safety standards
Designed and built for safety
Works in conjunction with Control Panels

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