Customized Industrial process heater for oil

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Process heaters are used to maintain heat within a liquid medium like water, oil and different chemicals along with stabilizing the gas.

Electric process heaters use electricity to increase the temperature of liquids and gases within process systems. Depending on the application, electric process heaters may be used for both direct and indirect heating, which makes them a particularly versatile heating option.

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Amine & Glycol Reboilers. are used to strip the acid gas or water from amine or natural gas streams without causing degradation to their respective fuels. Ammonia Heating. Calendar Rolls. Condensate Stabilizers. Dew Point Heating (Joule-Thomson) Dryers & Kilns. Edible Oil Deodorizers. Freeze Protection.

In high temperature gas heating for continuous catalytic reformers, amine and glycol reboilers used for refining oil, an assortment of hydrocarbon stream vaporization and superheating, silicon tetrachloride heating for polysilicon production, or super-critical water processing at extreme pressures and temperatures for the alternative energy sector

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