Customized Tubular Heater

  • Factory direct supply tubular heating elements

    Factory direct supply tubular heating elements

    Tubular heating elements are commonly used in industrial heating due to their versatility and affordability. They are used for heating liquids, solids and gases through conduction, convection, and radiation heating. Capable of reaching high temperatures, tubular heaters are an efficient choice for heavy duty industrial applications.

  • Stainless steel tubular heater

    Stainless steel tubular heater

    Tubular heating elements offer a full scope of durable sheath options, with the resistance wire protected by industrial grade materials, as well as magnesium oxide insulation. These elements can be selected based on high temperature capabilities, watt densities, terminations and voltages.

  • Immersive type electric tubular heating elements

    Immersive type electric tubular heating elements

    Tubular heaters have the capability of being formed into virtually any shape or configuration necessary to suit the heating application. Because they are among the most versatile electric heaters they are extremely popular. Exceptional transfer of heat through convection, conduction and radiation lends them perfect for various applications including heating liquids, gases, air and a wide variety of surfaces.

  • Seamless electric heating tube

    Seamless electric heating tube

    Custom heating elements can be provided to any length, formed into virtually any configuration and sheathed in a variety of different materials to suit your application.