Flange type Industrial electric heater made in China

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If the vessel is too large for a screwplug heater, a flanged heater is your best option. They provide efficient heating in larger containers. Positioned towards the bottom of the tanks and using custom element designs, flange heaters ensure even heat distribution.

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Explosion proof construction: II2G Ex db IIC T1…T6 Gb

Range of ambient temperature:-60C /+60C

IP65 junction box protection


Standard elements available sheathed within: AISI 321, AISI 316, Incoloy800 and Inconel625

Multiple rows of elements for higher wattages

Flange mounted with removable stand pipe for an easy installation


Storage tanks

Heating liquids in large tanks or vessels with low levels of product.

Heating liquids in underground tanks


1.Are you factory?
Yes, we are factory, all customers are more than welcome to visit our factory .

2.What are the available product certifications?
We have certifications such as: ATEX, CE, CNEX. IS014001, OHSAS18001,SIRA, DCI. Etc

3.What is a Flanged Immersion Heater?

A special heating element is connected to a flange. This is done with a  hairpin bent element configuration. In some cases, tubular bugle elements  are used. Tubing known as a thermowell is used to protect temperature  probes, thermocouples and heating elements. Temperature readings are then  transmitted to a control unit that powers the heat element on and off. For  overload protection, a high limit sensor keeps the liquid from scorching or  overheating and also serves to protect the flange immersion heater.

4.Why Are Flanged Heaters So Efficient?
Do you have a specific need to heat pressurized fluids? If so, you may wish  to take a look at the many benefits that flanged immersion heaters can  provide. In fact, a flanged heater is a highly efficient form of process heating and can be used for a variety of applications.

5.How long is the warranty time for your product?
Our officially promised warranty time is 1 year after delivering at best.

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