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An Immersion heater is used to heat liquids, oils, or other viscous fluids directly. Immersion heaters are installed into the tank holding a liquid. Since the heater comes in direct contact with the fluid, they are an efficient method of heating liquids. Immersion heaters can be installed through a variety of options in a heating tank.

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Max power of single heater up to 2000KW-3000KW, maximum voltage 690VAC

ATEX and IECExapproved. Exd, Exe, IIC Gb, T1-T6

Zone 1 & 2 applications

Ingress Protection IP66

High quality anti-corrosion/high temperature heating element materials:

Inconel 600、625

Incoloy 800/825/840

Hastelloy, Titanium

Stainless steel: 304, 321, 310S, 316L

Design to ASME code and other International Standards.

Over-temperature protection on heating element/flange/terminal box by using PT100, Thermocouple and/or thermostat.

Flanged connection, ease of installation and maintenance.

Design for Life in cyclic or continuous operation.


Closed Drain Drum

Open Drain Drum


Storage Tank

Lube Oil Reservoir

Any other liquid mediums


1.Are you factory?
Yes, we are factory, all customers are more than welcome to visit our factory .

2.What are the available product certifications?
We have certifications such as: ATEX, CE, CNEX. IS014001, OHSAS18001,SIRA, DCI. Etc

3.What is control panel in electrical?
In its simplest terms, an electrical control panel is a combination of electrical devices which use electrical power to control the various mechanical functions of industrial equipment or machinery. An electrical control panel includes two main categories: panel structure and electrical components.

4.What are electrical controls?
An electrical control system is a physical interconnection of devices that influences the behaviour of other devices or systems. ... Input devices such as sensors gather and respond to information and control a physical process by using electrical energy in the form of an output action.

5.What is electrical control panel and its uses?
Similary, an electrical control panel is a metal box which contains important electrical devices that control and monitor a mechanical process electrically. ... An electrical control panel enclosure can have multiple sections. Each section will have an access door.

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