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A skid-mounted heater makes it possible for a small labor force to do the work of a larger crew. They require fewer pieces of equipment and need fewer people to move and install heating systems. This keeps costs low while getting more out of your equipment, without sacrificing performance.

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WNH designs and manufactures electric process heaters, skid mounted circulation heaters, which can be engineered to meet our customers specific requirements including: electric heater process, flow measurement, flow control valves, contactor control system, temperature measurment, instrumentation, pressuremeasurement instrumentation, start up and commissioning are available.


Water heating

Oil heating

Fuel-oil heating

Dry Gas Seal

Fuel Gas heating


Molten salt heating

natural gas,

clean water

freeze protection

cooling towers

steam boilers

mildly corrosive solutions (in rinse tanks, spray washers)

high temperature

low flow gas

process water

food equipment



1.Are you factory?
Yes, we are factory, all customers are more than welcome to visit our factory .

2.What are the available product certifications?
We have certifications such as: ATEX, CE, CNEX. IS014001, OHSAS18001,SIRA, DCI. Etc

3.What is a heating skid?
WNH manufactures thermal fluid heaters for their fixedly installation at production plants of any industrial sector. Our heating skid systems are designed to meet the customer's needs when a mobile and flexible solution is required.

4.Are Skid-Mounted Immersion Heaters Right For You?
WNH custom-manufactures immersion heaters built around the specific needs of your industrial processes and applications. Our team works with your budget, needs, and details to design the optimal heater and configuration for you. We help you determine the right materials, heater types, wattages, and more to maximize efficiency, lifespan, and effectiveness. Discover whether skid-mounted immersion heaters are the ideal solution for you. Contact us today for immersion heater quotes and information.

5.What is electrical control panel and its uses?
Similary, an electrical control panel is a metal box which contains important electrical devices that control and monitor a mechanical process electrically. ... An electrical control panel enclosure can have multiple sections. Each section will have an access door.

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