The structure, installation and operation of Explosion-proof electric heater

The introduction of Explosion-proof electric heater will mainly focus on three aspects today: structure, installation and operation. Why should we introduce them? Because they are very important, we understand the introductory knowledge of this kind of electric heater, so we must master it so that we can lay a good foundation and learn other aspects of knowledge.

1. Structure

The Explosion-proof electric heater mainly includes the metal protective tube, junction box, heating pipe, connecting flange and temperature control probe. The outer shell of the junction box adopts the Q235-A steel plate welding structure, and there are wiring terminals and temperature control probes in the junction box.

The heating element adopts alloy resistance heating wire, which is installed in a metal tube, and the tube is also filled with powdery magnesium oxide inorganic insulating filler to have better heating performance.


1). Before installing the electric heater, read the manual carefully and check the electric heater accordingly to see if it meets the specified requirements. If it does not, it cannot be installed.

2). Install in accordance with the specified requirements, and pay attention to setting the temperature control value of the thermostat to the temperature required by the heating medium.

3).After installation, check and confirm whether there is any problem or not before putting it into use.


1). Check before operation

Check its insulation performance, electrical wiring connection and power supply voltage to see if it is intact and whether the wiring is connected correctly. In addition, check whether the thermostat is ready.

2). Operation

(1) After everything is checked, there is no problem, turn on the power, and the electric heater can be used normally.

(2) During use, a dual temperature protection system should be set up to ensure its safety.

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