What types of electric heating cables are there?

In general, there are two types of electric heating cables: self-control and constant power. The temperature-controlled electric heating cable is composed of a conductive polymer material, two parallel metal wires and an insulating layer. The characteristic of this kind of electric heating cable is that the conductive polymer has a high positive temperature coefficient of resistance and is in a parallel relationship with each other. Adjust to output appropriate power. The heating tape can be arbitrarily truncated or extended within a certain range for reuse. Usually, this kind of heating belt does not need to be equipped with a temperature controller, and the temperature controller is only used in special occasions with very high temperature control requirements. The selection and installation requirements of the temperature controller are the same as those of the constant power heating belt.

The constant power heating belt is made of metal resistance wire or special carbon fiber bundle in series or in parallel with the conductive wire core and insulating material. Because the output power is constant, the accumulation of temperature must be passed through on-off. The temperature is electronically controlled, so it must be equipped with a temperature controller when using it. This kind of electric heating belt is not allowed to cross or overlap, nor can it be arbitrarily extended or cut for use, otherwise it may cause some vicious accidents due to excessive temperature or other reasons. Therefore, this kind of electric heating belt is generally used for In some less important occasions, explosion-proof occasions cannot be used at all, and it is only used in occasions where the power needs to be relatively large and the temperature needs to be heated. Compared with the self-controlled electric heating belt, the use environment is more limited.

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